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Do you find it difficult to remember things? Would you like to boost your memory to ensure that you get better marks in subjects where you need to memorise a lot of details? Here are some apps that will help you: Memorado This app helps you improve your cognitive skills by boosting your memory, logical, […]

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The alternative will soon be mainstream?

People are now moving towards the traditional Eastern medical practices that connect with nature A friend recently bought a tub in which to do a hip bath. This is the naturopathic way to help with several problems, including indigestion and period pain. All you need to do is sit in it daily, for about 15 […]


Keep fit during pregnancy with these safe and easy exercises

Women like to keep themselves fit these days, even during pregnancy. Try these light exercises for a healthy pregnancy. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of change during pregnancy. However, these changes differ from person to person, depending on their bodies. Some symptoms of pregnancy last for several weeks or months, while other discomforts are […]

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Is Alkaline water good for health?

With many brands of alkaline water available in the market, experts from the medical community tell us if it is worth buying Verdit : Hype There’s a wide choice of ‘waters’ offered up in restaurants: still water, sparkling water, citrus-infused water, basil-infused water, and many more. Then there’s alkaline water. Brands and companies that hope […]