Europe is facing several challenges beyond Brexit

With all the attention to the never-ending legislative absurdities and self-inflicted wounds of Brexit, it’s easy to overlook the long-term challenges facing Europe. In recent years, the European Union (EU) has proven resilient enough to muddle its way through a sovereign debt emergency and a migrant crisis without sacrificing core principles, and the humiliation that […]


Breaking down news: The new normal

While foreign channels are consumed with the Brexit story, elections in India are opening doors that are best left closed While the pundits were leading the debate on whether Rahul Gandhi’s foray into Wayanad was a good-natured wave to the South or signalled alienation from Amethi, a low hubbub of complaint was issuing from the […]


On Brexit, biscuits and love

Find out who’s in, who’s out and why loyalty is important This man, my husband, after retiring, has found his true calling in life. Not just calling to me for coffee. Now, he advises the government. He doles out expert opinion on their policies, which bills to pass, which ministers to sack — furthermore, he […]


Brexit rocks Labour too as talks stay deadlocked

Prime Minister Theresa May has turned to the opposition Labour to help pass the crucial EU withdrawal package, but the party is also riven by differing views on Brexit, with many party MPs opposed to another referendum. Talks between Prime Minister Theresa May’s team and senior Labour leaders continued on Thursday, without any progress, but […]


UK to ask EU for more time to break Brexit logjam

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said the United Kingdom would seek a further short extension from the European Union to try and break the parliamentary logjam over Brexit. After a marathon seven-hour-long Cabinet meeting at Downing Street, May issued a statement to indicate the government’s next steps a day after the House of […]


British MPs vote against all alternative Brexit options

British lawmakers have voted on eight different possible Brexit options, but none received the majority support that would clarify the UK’s course. Parliament is trying to find an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May’s twice-rejected EU divorce deal. Lawmakers voted Wednesday on options that included leaving the European Union without a deal, staying in the […]