Indian students bag US award for developing innovative app to check air quality index levels

A team of Delhi-based engineering college students has won a competition by US’ prestigious Marconi Society for developing an innovative mobile application that estimates the quality of air in one’s neighbourhood by analysing the images taken by a smartphone camera. The application developed by Tanmay Srivastava, Kanishk Jeet and Prerna Khanna of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College […]


Delhi air pollution: before and after

Each year around November, Delhi’s air quality reaches hazardous levels as cooler air traps pollutants close to the ground and farmers burn their fields across large swathes of north India. Here’s what Delhi looks like before and after it is engulfed by smog and haze. Source: Read Full Article


Here is how crackers make Diwali air fouler

Climatic conditions in the Indo-Gangetic plains during Diwali do not allow a quick dispersal of pollutants although crackers are burst for just a few hours on the festive night, according to experts who think fireworks are a key, although not the only factor that plays a part in poor air quality levels in winter northern […]