Youth held for killing ‘partner’

Juvenile apprehended; accused identified from CCTV footage

The Delhi police have arrested a youth and apprehended a juvenile for murdering a 22-year-old man, who was in a ‘relationship’ with the youth, in Delhi cantonment, said the police on Thursday.

Police said a PCR call was received on Monday around 8.30 a.m. after a passer-by spotted a body. The deceased was identified as Sonu who used to work as a helper with a tent house.

“We have arrested Sonu’s friend Praveen and apprehended a 15-year-old boy for committing the murder. We have identified them with the help of CCTV footage and last seen location,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West) Devendra Arya. The Police said that Praveen and Sonu were in a ‘relationship’ and the juvenile was a friend of Praveen. On the day of the murder, Sonu and Praveen had a physical relationship at an isolated place in Delhi Cantonment. After some time, the juvenile also reached the location. Praveen asked Sonu to have physical relationship with the minor, but Sonu refused and a quarrel broke out among them.

Crushed his head

“It led to scuffle during which the duo overpowered Sonu and crushed his head with a brick and stone, killing him on the spot,” the officer said. The two fled the crime scene leaving his body behind, he added.

“The police said they have recovered blood soaked clothes that the accused were wearing at the time of the crime. Also, the brick and stone with blood stains on them were recovered from the crime scene,” said a police officer.

The identity of the deceased was established with the help of ID proofs found near the body, said the police. The police questioned the deceased’s friends and learnt about his “intimacy” with Praveen. Later in the day, Praveen was detained and he confessed of crime and revealed the name of the juvenile.

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