Verses with verve

Khammam-based theatre group effectively presented ‘Paduka Pattabhishekam’ to an appreciative audience

Sumitra Youth Association of Madhira in Khammam district, on the invitation of Rasaranjani staged the popular play
Paduka Pattabhishekam
last week at Telangana Saraswatha Parishat hall on two consecutive days.

Directed by Nibhanupudi Subbaraju, also playing the important role of ing Dasaratha, this production was neat, pleasant and emotive in certain scenes. It is loaded with verses and all the artistes rendered them meaningfully, thanks to the support of harmonium player Chandrababu Naidu and keyboard player KSN Sarma. The verses, written by Panuganti, who is also known for his reformative play
, were at their literary best.

The episode refers to the time when lord Rama, along with Sita and Laxmana, heads to ‘vanavasam’ on the demand of Kaikeyi. When Bharata returns to Ayodhya and finds out that Rama had left,

he goes into the forest in search of them and meets his brothers and sister-in-law and begs them to return and rule the kingdom. Rama refuses and says he cannot go back on his word. Bharata asks Rama to give, at least, his footwear that he would take back and place them on the throne in place of Rama till he returns and take charge of the country.

Most of the scenes they presented were packed with impressive verses that the artiste rendered well. Ch Santayya and Surabhi Jeevakaruna played the main roles of Rama and Sita. M Venkateswarlu was Lakshmana. Bharata’s role was movingly presented by P Ramana. Indrakumar was in the role of Satrughna, youngest brother of Rama. The role of Kaikeyi was effectively played by Amruthavarshini. Aruna was Mandhara. In sage’s roles Suryaprakash as Vasishta and A Krishna as Sumantra were in supporting roles. Together they gave impressive performances with excellent team work.

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