The Return of Ramulamma!

After shining bright in the film industry and creating an illustrious career in films, Vijayashanti stood out to be one of the first women superstars in the South. Despite being a force to reckon with in the world of cinema, her career in politics was not a blockbuster hit like her movies.

Now, after a gap of four years, Vijayashanti, who had remained inactive in politics after unsuccessfully contesting from Medak Assembly constituency in 2014, has begun campaigning for the Congress. As the star campaigner heading the Congress campaign in Telangana, she is handpicked by Rahul Gandhi to push the party’s fortunes.  

In 2009, after she merged her party, Talli Telangana, with Telangana Rashtra Samithi and won as the MP of Medak, she quit TRS after differences with TRS Chief KCR in 2014.  Despite her loss in 2014 elections, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi has put in his faith on her as their crowd puller against KCR.

Political experts says that Vijayashanti has done a clever job in choosing to call herself “Ramulamma”, a character she played in her blockbuster. The sentiment might resonate with the people of Telangana as she has begun portraying KCR and his family as the villains in her film “Osey Ramulamma”.

Crowd-puller for Mahakutami

One cannot miss the fact that other than Revanth Reddy, Vijayashanti is the only crowd puller for the Congress. The glamour quotient will always add to political campaigns. On the other hand, the TRS is viewing her return as another unsuccessful attempt by the Congress to dent their votebank in Telangana.

If one has to analyse Vijayashanti’s capabilities, it is pertinent for us to look at her political journey. Vijayashanti is a political leader, who has toured the state, spoken to people on the ground. She headed a party too. Apart from being a former actor, which has the perks of bringing the crowds, she also knows the issues. One cannot underestimate her, say political observers.

Kodandaram & Vijayashanti – Trump cards

Many believe that Kodanadaram and Vijayashanti will be the trump cards for the grand alliance that is devoid of popular faces in many crucial areas.  Since she has a rivalry with TRS and KCR, Vijayashanti will definitely attack KCR in a strong manner. Apart from Vijayashanti, Kodandaram from the Telangana Jana Samithi will also come down heavily on the TRS, it is essential for his political survival. If Vijayashanti campaigns for the Mahakutami, then their campaign might turn out to be quite strong.

In addition, her decision not to contest the elections might also help the alliance. This will not only suppress the confusion but also increase their crowd-pulling and voter-winning capabilities.

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