Dravidian parties have preserved poverty in TN: Kamal Haasan

Makkal Needhi Maiam president Kamal Haasan on Monday accused the two Dravidian parties of ‘carefully preserving’ poverty in the State for the past 50 years and turning the people as ‘third class citizens’.

The two Dravidian parties have preserved poverty knowing well that it would suit them to play politics. They have carefully done so over the past five decades because it would immensely benefit them during election, Mr. Kamal Haasan said campaigning at Srirangam for his party’s Tiruchi Parliamentary constituency candidate V. Anandharaja.

Tamil Nadu which should have been in the forefront in the country now lies crippled in a corner, the actor-turned politician said taking a swipe at the two principal Dravidian parties.

Stating that Tamil Nadu and the politics in the State had reached an important juncture today, Mr. Kamal Haasan said the time and opportunity had now come for the people of the State, who were tired of 50 years of Dravidian parties rule, to usher in a change.

Appealing to the electorate not to accept cash for votes and to ensure a better future for Tamil Nadu, Mr. Kamal Haasan said politicians and parties were distributing only a pittance from the loot that they have amassed.

“We often feel proud of our river valley civilisation. But the river has got polluted and so has our culture and civilisation”, he said exhorting the youth to usher in the change. The next generation at least should not see a degraded world that we are witnessing right now.

The upcoming election has created an atmosphere for the people to bring about a change, he said and appealed to the voters to exercise their franchise by lending their support to a good and honest party keeping in mind the future of the next generation. Apologising to the people for having entered late in politics, Mr. Kamal Haasan said his party had grown in the last one year owing to the support extended by the people.

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