Delhi hotel fire claims three of a family from Kochi

Part of 13-member group that went to attend a wedding

Three members of a family from Cheranalloor were killed in a fire that broke out in a hotel at Karol Bagh in Delhi in the early hours of Tuesday.

The deceased were identified as Nalini Amma, 84, her daughter Jayasree, 53, and son Vidyasagar, 60, of Maraparambu in ward 17 of Cheranalloor grama panchayat.

Initially, the death of Jayasree alone was confirmed and the other two were reported missing. However, it soon emerged that they too had fallen victim to the tragedy.

All three were part of a 13-member group of relatives who had gone to attend a relative’s wedding in Delhi on February 7. The remaining ten members were safe and are expected back tomorrow.

The marriage was over and the group had stayed back for sight-seeing before returning home.

Jayasree, whose ancestral home is in Cheranalloor, lived at her husband Unnikrishnan’s home at Chottanikkara. Unnikrishnan works in Abu Dhabhi. Their sons Gauri Shankar, 23, and Hari Govind, 27, had also attended the wedding.

Jayasree was known in Chottanikkara panchayat for her active participation in farming, and had even won an award in 2014.

Bodies to arrive today

Bodies of the victims who died in the Delhi hotel fire will be brought here on Wednesday morning.

Hibi Eden, MLA, said that the bodies will be brought to the Kochi airport by an Air India flight at 8.15 a.m. He said that all arrangements in this regard have been made.

Efforts had been made to bring the bodies on Tuesday itself but the delay in getting them embalmed foiled it. It was difficult to embalm two bodies, which were badly mutilated in the fire.

Mr. Eden said that the rest of the ten members of the 13-member group are also expected to return on Wednesday.

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