Congress trying to impose State’s ‘weak coalition model’ on country: Modi

For the sake of power legislators are fighting in State, says Prime Minister

Making a scathing attack on the Congress-Janata Dal(S) coalition government in the State, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the Congress was trying to impose “Karnataka’s weak model of coalition” on the country.

Launching the party’s poll campaign from the stage named after the former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee on the outskirts of Hubballi, Mr. Modi said that there was not one day when the people of the country don’t see the “drama” happening in Karnataka.

“For the sake of getting the cream of power, legislators are fighting in Karnataka. They even broke the head of one at a resort. And, for everybody else Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy has become a punching bag. The Chief Minister’s whole energy is lost trying to save his chair,” he said.

“The Chief Minister has become so weak that he keeps weeping at public functions. And, what is more, it is not clear who is running the government in Karnataka. And, such a weak model where the Chief Minister weeps in the corner while decisions are taken at ‘Naamdar’s (Rahul Gandhi) mahal, is being proposed for the nation,” he said.

Seeking an answer from the crowd on whether they wanted such a weak model, Mr. Modi said that the country wanted a “majboot” (strong) model and not a model of “majboori” (helplessness).

Mr. Modi ridiculed the farm loan waiver scheme of the Karnataka government saying that only 60,000 farmers had been benefited out of the 43 lakh who were supposed to be covered by the scheme.

Making a veiled attack on the Gandhi family, Mr. Modi said that such people whom nobody dared to question earlier, were now forced to give attendance in courts and answer queries of officials.

Appealing to the people to vote for a strong government, Mr. Modi said that their vote would decide whether they wanted corruption or honesty; development or family rule; positivity or negativity, clarity or confusion.

“Your vote would decide the future of the country,” he said before concluding his address with a mention of ‘Dharwad Pedha’ and wishing the people that their life would be as sweet as the “pedha”.

Mr. Modi referred to the recent budget announcements, and asked the people to compare what UPA had done in a decade and what NDA had done in the last 55 months. The Prime Minister chose to brief the mammoth crowd about the NDA’s achievements in various fields comparing them with the UPA’s performance. He also said that the Congress’ decennial programmes for farmers were meant for the middlemen whereas his recent scheme for farmers would benefit them directly.

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