Transfer of DLF 1-2-3 delayed again as infra work incomplete, says MCG

Officials of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) on Friday said that they are nowhere close to taking over DLF phases 1-2-3, as a lot of civic infrastructure work needs to be completed by the developer.

Official documents from a review meeting of the three colonies, readied by MCG commissioner Amit Khatri on Wednesday reveal that only 20% of the work that was identified as deficient in 2017 and needed to be completed has been done in DLF Phase 1, 10% has been done in DLF Phase 2, and 2% has been done in DLF Phase 3.

“It is our endeavour to provide optimum civic facilities in the three colonies and ensure that the deficit and infrastructure is completed, which is affecting the lives of thousands of residents. The engineering wing submitted the status update on each of the colonies, based on which we have directed the developer to expedite the work and complete it at the earliest. Currently, it is in no position to be taken over,” said Khatri.

Khatri added that the developer had raised contentions against the engineering wing’s report and has requested to submit its own status update report as well, to ascertain the on-ground situation.

As per the MCG’s deficiency assessment report, ₹14.12 crore is required to fix deficiencies in DLF Phase 1, ₹9.43 crore for DLF Phase 2 and ₹11.89 crore for DLF Phase 3.

As per the assessment report, nearly 90% of the sum needs to be spent in fixing roads in the three colonies that have not been recarpeted for 9-10 years while the remaining sum needs to be spent on fixing green belts, parks, community centres, linking arterial sewerage drains to master drains, and fixing stormwater drains that are heavily clogged with silt deposition.

“The engineering wing’s report is completely incorrect and baseless. It does not seem like they even visited the colonies for an on-ground assessment and gave hyperbolic figures. We will be submitting our own assessment report on Tuesday for the perusal of the MCG, countering the claims made by the engineering wing,” said Sekhar Basu, maintenance director of DLF.

Basu also said that development has been hindered by a large number of residents in the three colonies not paying their maintenance charges to DLF.

“Residents say that since the colony is anyway being transferred to the MCG they see no point in paying the maintenance charges, as a result of which, the completion of some deficiency-related work has been delayed as time has been spent in channelising those funds from other places,” said Basu.

Three years ago, the MCG had been directed by the Haryana government to take over the maintenance of the three colonies, as well as South City 1-2, Suncity, Palam Vihar, Sushant Lok 1, and Nirvana Country.

Prior to taking over, the MCG in 2017 had carried out a deficiency assessment survey in each of the colonies to assess the existing condition of civic infrastructure and ascertain how much work is incomplete or in need of repair.

The developers of DLF phases 1-2-3 and Suncity opted to fix the deficiencies themselves, while the remaining opted to pay the MCG to complete the work.

Barring DLF phases 1-2-3 and South City 2, all remaining colonies have been transferred to the MCG after March.

In South City 2, the developer had attached properties to pay ₹23.52 crore to the MCG to fix deficiencies. A ₹11.76 crore property was found to be embroiled in a legal dispute due to which the transfer has been in limbo.

As per the engineering wing’s report, in DLF Phase 1, road work has been completed in blocks B, C, and E in DLF Phase 1, along with an underground tank in Block E.

In blocks A, D, F, G, H, no work has been done.

On the main roads that pass via the colony, work has been completed on Sukhchain Marg, Paschim Marg, Bodhi Marg and Ashoka Crescent road. At Arjun Marg, only half the work has been completed, while no work has been executed on Silver Oaks Avenue, Kusum Marg, Champa Marg, Club Marg, Shahtoot Marg, and Deodar Marg.

In DLF Phase 2, only road work has been completed in Block K. In blocks L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, no work has been carried out, the report states.

On the main roads traversing the colony, only at Gulmohar Marg, half the work has been carried out. On the remaining stretches such as Dakshin Marg, Akashneem Marg, Bougainvillea Marg, and Jacaranda Marg, no work has been carried out.

For DLF Phase 3, only at Moulsari Avenue road, repair work has been completed, while on the remaining stretches, no work has been initiated.

The three colonies were developed in the 1980s, and were one of the first townships to be set up in the city.

Spread across 590 acres, DLF Phase 1 has a population of around 22,000, while 20,000 people live in the 488 acres of DLF Phase 2.

In DLF Phase 3, nearly 30,000 people reside in its 630 acres.

“The delay in takeover has become a major problem for residents in the area. Garbage collection has been significantly hit. The developer says that the matter lies with the concessionaire of the MCG which collects waste in the area. While the MCG concessionaire states that they have a contractual agreement with the MCG and not the developer. Due to this lack of clarity, garbage is overflowing in many corners of the three colonies,” said Dhruv Bansal, spokesperson of Gurgaon Citizens’ Council, an umbrella body of all residents’ welfare authorities of the three colonies.

Bansal also highlighted the problems associated with broken roads and clogged stormwater drains that have left several points in the three colonies vulnerable to waterlogging.

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Jul 13, 2019 02:28 IST

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