Railway Police app to help solve Maharashtra commuters’ complaints

Now train commuters across Maharashtra who want to contact the Government Railway Police (GRP) can be assured of a quick response. The R Tracker (Resource Tracking) app, which was implemented as a pilot project in Mumbai, will now be downloaded by all the GRP police stations across the state.

The app, which was launched in 2017, will now be downloaded by GRP personnel across the state. This will allow the GRP control room in Mumbai to get the exact location of the constables and officers on duty (with the help of details about where they are deployed). In case of an emergency, the GRP officer closest to the spot will respond. The project was extended to the entire state earlier this month.

The app will also enable officials to connect a distress call made by any commuter directly to the officer or constable responsible through a conference call facility. The app, which is connected to the helpline 1512, helps commuters in reporting crimes and getting in touch with the police. This real-time response is facilitated by an ultra-modern control room.

Niket Kaushik, commissioner of police, GRP, said that the special railway helpline —1512 — had been launched with the intention of doing away with all the other helpline numbers. According to GRP officials, the app shows the location of every field agent on an interactive map on a large screen in the control room. A pop-up window shows the officer’s mobile number. By clicking on the pop-up window, the control room then calls up the officer and merges the call with the commuter’s call. This allows the commuter and the constable to converse directly before the constable is able to reach the commuter or the spot.

Purshottam Karad, deputy commissioner of police (GRP), said that in Mumbai when the app was launched the control room used to get at least 200 calls from commuters daily. However, ever since the app has been upgraded to the entire state, the control room gets at least 1,000 calls including feedback calls from superior officials, he said.

GRP officials said that it becomes difficult for them to provide instant help inside moving trains . Staff crunch is also a hindrance to tackle crimes in its vast jurisdiction as there are only 3,400 personnel from 17 police stations to man 128 railway stations in Mumbai. “The helpline 1512 is now gaining popularity with maximum calls coming from women,” said Karad.

Karad said that out of the average 1,000 calls daily, a majority are regarding loss of property followed by complaints of quarrel. Officers are also held accountable if they claim to have followed up a complaint and their location is found to be elsewhere. “The entire force has now been asked to download the app so that their superiors can allocate their duty points, which can be seen in the control room,” said a police officer from GRP.

First Published:
Apr 15, 2019 10:54 IST

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