Why Cardi B Suddenly Deleted Her Instagram: Plus — Will She Return Soon?

Cardi B devastated fans after she deactivated her Instagram on Feb. 11. But, it was the rapper who was hurt after online haters hit her with mean comments over her Best Rap Album win at the Grammys. Here’s why she went IG silent…

Cardi B, 26, is done with Instagram, for now. The “Money” rapper deactivated her account on February 11, after she went on a furious rant about the backlash she’s received from critics who claim she shouldn’t have won Best Rap Album (Invasion of Privacy) at the Grammys on February 10. Cardi fans were surprised when she went IG silent, especially after she’s credited social media for helping build her massive following when she was an up and coming rapper. So, why did she do it?

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