Soulja Boy Savagely Disses Drake For Stealing His Music When He Got Started & Fans Are Shook

Someone come get Soulja Boy! The rapper went OFF on Drake in a new interview, & he spiraled into a wild rant that has fans trolling him. Watch it here!

Soulja Boy, 28, has some STRONG feelings about the trajectory of Drake’s career. In a new interview, the “Crank That” hit-maker showed how he really feels about Drizzy, 32, and the video will leave your jaw on the floor. During the chat with The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy claimed that he actually “made” Drake’s career. “Drake? DRAKE? The ni**a that hiding his kid from the world?” he asked, when the morning show hosts dubbed Drizzy the biggest rapper in the world. “Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? Y’all ni**as better stop playing with me. Stop playing with me like I didn’t teach Drake everything he knows,” he said. “Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake,” he added. Ummm what?!

Fans could hardly believe Soulja’s claims, and trolled him big-time for taking ownership of Drake’s career. “Soulja Boy got the nerve to say he made Drake?!  you must still be high off of those ringtone sales still,” one savagely said on Twitter. “Can’t believe Soulja Boy was talking out his ass about Drake,” another wrote. Some even think that it’s only a matter of time before Drake retaliates. “Drake gon set fire to Soulja boy ass y’all just wait,” one tweet read. There was one thing everyone seemed to agree on: that the video is pure hilarity. “The way Soulja Boy said “DRAAAAAAAAAKE ??! DRAKE ???” Soulja Boy a legend for this,” one fan said after watching.

Sure, Drake may have copped a line from Soulja Boy on his 2010 track “Miss Me,” but fans seem to be in agreement that the sample doesn’t warrant a lifetime of success attributed to Soulja. Still – Drizzy has faced his fair share of haters lately, and Soulja isn’t the only one to slam him this week. Kim Kardashian said in an interview that she’d rather be trapped in an elevator with long-time frenemy Taylor Swift than be stuck spending time with Drake! The revelation came after she savagely dissed him on Twitter on Dec. 14, for his feud with Kanye West. “@drakeNever threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake,” she wrote to the rapper.

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Be sure to watch the video of Soulja dissing Drake above! He might be getting trolled big time for this one, but at least the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper isn’t missing a shred of confidence as he makes his 2019 comeback.

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