See All the Pics of Meghan Markle Slaying Her First Solo Appearance as a Duchess

Today was a major day for Meghan Markle. She attended her first engagement solo as the new Duchess of Sussex, and let’s just say she absolutely killed it.

The event was the opening of the Oceania exhibit at the Royal Academy. The exhibit displays 200 works of art of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, but the real work of art here is Meghan (heh, see what I did there?). She wore Givenchy to the event and looked great, as per usual.

And in case the photos weren’t enough for ya, here are videos of her while there.

Video: the Duchess of Sussex arrives @royalacademy pic.twitter.com/VbegpC6u8W

Video: the Duchess of Sussex in Givenchy tonight @royalacademy pic.twitter.com/zsRzIZi6kV

Liking the heels 👠 #Meghan @royalacademy #Oceania pic.twitter.com/OSzGn22CJ2

Meghan inside the @royalacademy pic.twitter.com/d6aEe3Xwpd

Meghan at the @royalacademy pic.twitter.com/nYcUF7ypIK

Meghan views the exhibits at the @royalacademy #Oceania exhibition pic.twitter.com/ALRTuvEQNd

She got to see art from New Zealand, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and Australia, which are coincidentally some of the countries she and Harry will visit on their upcoming royal tour.

Although Meghan has gone on official royal appearances with her husband Prince Harry and his gma Queen Elizabeth before, this is the first time she’s gone on an appearance by herself.

From the looks of it, she did just fine! Congrats on your first solo situation, Meghan!

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